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Best Weed Games for Parties


Throwing a cannabis party can be a fantastic way to bring friends together and create lasting memories. Weed games for parties not only add excitement but also ensure everyone is engaged and having a great time. In this article, we’ll explore various weed party games, including classic and inventive options, to help you host the ultimate marijuana party.


Setting the Mood: Music and Lighting

To set the right atmosphere for your weed party, consider playing some Bob Marley tracks and dimming the lights to create a cozy environment. Adding colorful lights or a disco ball can enhance the vibe, making it perfect for playing various party games.

Necessary Supplies: Weed, Accessories, and More

Stock up on essential supplies such as high-quality weed, rolling papers, bongs, and vaporizers. Don’t forget to include munchies and drinks to keep your guests satisfied throughout the party.

Safety Considerations: Responsible Consumption

Ensure everyone at your marijuana party consumes responsibly. Provide plenty of water and snacks, and have a designated area for those who might need a break from the activities.

Top Weed Games

Stoner Jenga

Rules and Setup

Stoner Jenga is a fun twist on the classic game. To set up, write various weed-related challenges on each block, such as “take a hit” or “pass the joint.” Stack the blocks to form a tower, just like in traditional Jenga. As players pull out blocks, they must complete the challenge written on it. If the tower falls, the person who caused it has to complete an additional challenge.

Variations and Tips

  • Two Hits Challenge: Include challenges like “person holding must take two hits.”
  • Group Challenges: Add blocks that say “everyone takes a hit.”
  • Themed Challenges: Create themes for different rounds, such as “funny actions” or “trivia questions” about marijuana.

Weed Pong

How to Play

Weed pong is similar to beer pong, but instead of drinking beer, players take a hit each time a ping pong ball lands in a cup. Arrange cups in a triangular formation at each end of a table. Players or teams take turns throwing ping pong balls into the cups. When a ball lands in a cup, the opposing team removes the cup and the player or team that made the shot takes a hit.

Strategies for Winning

  • Practice Your Aim: Focus on your aim and try different throwing techniques.
  • Team Play: Playing in teams can add a competitive edge and strategy.
  • Defensive Plays: Practice bounce shots and catch rebounds to increase your chances of hitting cups.

Bong Races

Game Instructions

In bong races, players compete to finish their bowl the fastest. Each player has a bong and a packed bowl. On the count of three, players start smoking, and the first to finish their bowl wins.

Variations to Try

  • Relay Races: Teams compete in a relay format, passing the bong to the next teammate after finishing their bowl.
  • Timed Challenges: Set a timer and see who can take the biggest hit within a specific timeframe.

Marijuana Movie Drinking Game

How to Play

Choose a movie and create rules for taking hits based on certain scenes or phrases. For example, in a Bob Marley documentary, take a hit every time he says “peace” or “love.” Assign specific moments or phrases that trigger a hit.

Movie Suggestions

  • Half Baked: Take a hit every time a character lights up.
  • Pineapple Express: Hit every time a new strain of weed is mentioned.
  • Bob Marley Documentaries: Take a hit for every mention of “peace” or “love.”


Game Rules

Players sit in a circle, heads down, and on the count of three, look up at another player. If two players make eye contact, they must yell “Medusa” and take a hit.

Fun Twists and Ideas

  • Strip Choker: Add a twist where the losing pair removes an item of clothing.
  • Elimination Rounds: Players who make eye contact multiple times get eliminated from the game.

Weed Charades

How to Organize

In weed charades, players act out different phrases or actions related to smoking weed while others guess. Use a timer to keep the game moving. Prepare a list of cannabis-related actions or items for players to act out.

Tips for Making It Fun

  • Creative Prompts: Include hilarious and creative prompts to ensure everyone gets a good laugh.
  • Team Play: Divide into teams to add a competitive edge.

Puff Puff Pass Pictionary

Game Setup

Similar to regular Pictionary, but players must draw their prompts after taking a hit. This can lead to some interesting and entertaining drawings. Prepare a set of cannabis-related prompts for players to draw.

Creative Ideas for Prompts

  • Bong Pong: Drawing a game of bong pong.
  • Passing a Joint: Illustrate the act of passing a joint.
  • Sitting in a Circle: Depict a group of friends sitting in a circle, smoking weed.

High Card

How to Play

Players draw cards, and the highest card must take a hit. Add rules for specific cards, like everyone taking a hit if someone draws a joker. Shuffle the deck and place it face down in the center.

Rules and Variations

  • New Rules: Introduce new rules as the game progresses to keep it unpredictable and fun.
  • Special Cards: Assign unique actions to certain cards, like taking an extra hit for drawing a queen.

Creating Your Own Weed Games

Tips for Creativity

Think about combining elements from different party games to create something unique. For example, mix aspects of video games with smoking challenges to add a modern twist that appeals to tech-savvy guests.

Examples of DIY Weed Games

Create a cannabis-themed scavenger hunt or a weed trivia game where wrong answers result in taking hits. You can also design a “smoke and solve” puzzle game where players solve riddles or puzzles for a chance to take a hit or win a prize.

Safety and Etiquette

Ensuring Everyone’s Comfort

Make sure your guests are comfortable with the games and the amount of weed being consumed. Respect everyone’s limits and encourage open communication about personal boundaries.

Knowing When to Stop

Keep an eye on your guests to ensure no one overindulges. It’s important to know when to call it a night and offer support if anyone feels overwhelmed.

Handling Different Tolerance Levels

Everyone’s tolerance is different, so be mindful and adjust the games accordingly to ensure everyone has a good time. Provide alternatives for those who prefer lighter participation or non-smoking activities.


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